We need to be realistic about our immediate environment

Since CNN is gripped with Pres. Trump’s impeachment and BBC is fixated on the Brexit narrative I view the CBS program “Border Patrol” which entails entering New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

When measuring what people experience upon entering first world nations it is easy to understand why these nations are prosperous. They have a very practical approach towards anyone entering. The economic and security of local citizens is the priority thus they have a hectic verification process.

The history of the hopeful is vital and those with an illicit or sordid past will likely be denied entry.

On our side, anybody who feels like it, enters from wherever and then do whatever they want. Our border control and migration process is an overall joke that is why global criminals love South Africa.

Years ago a Chinese family started trading and living in a shop in a mall in Kensington. They attracted roaches and mice and were stopped when other retailers complained. Imagine, Capetonians migrate to London or China and do whatever they want. It will be unacceptable and they will be deported.

Why do we allow others into our nation, when they defy our laws? Example, Nigeria has a populace of 100 million, if 1% of their crooks migrate south we have millions of criminals inside South Africa.

When citizens complain about foreign criminals, it is xenophobic, is that rational? Clearly foreign criminals are more intelligent than local thugs, that is why they come to South Africa. Foreigners brought kidnapping, cocaine, heroin etc. For years’ locals just smoked mandrax and stabbed others.

Every Friday, Muslims pray to the Creator to ease the pain of the Palestinians under Zionist cruelty. We pray for the Rohingya killed by the Burmese. We pray for the end of Kashmiri’s suffering under Hindu racism. We pray for Yemen, Iraq, Iran who suffer under the yoke of American imperialism.

We are deeply aware of the global cruelty that some humans exercise on others. Therefore, many Capetonians support charities that are very involved in easing the plight of global human anguish.

We survived slavery, colonialism and Apartheid are we not entitled to a safe space to live and work?

We pay rates, taxes, vat and so much more and we willingly give to charity. Is that not enough?

Must the pain fixed upon folk in Zimbabwe, the DRC, Tanzania etc. become our liability in Cape Town? Is it not time, the majority middle class local ratepayers take back the city which we sustain, from all those people, whoever they may be, who pay so little taxes, but demand so much from us?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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