Europe has reason to fear as the umpteenth attack has taken place in public places. The attack on the Catholic Church in France has BBC and CNN analysts confused, as several other incidences that killed innocents were committed by individuals or “lone wolf” attackers with mental disorders.

Since Islam totally prohibits the killing of innocents and any attacks on places of worship, the attacks by their very nature is unislamic. The attacker cannot be Muslim as the actions cannot be measured that of a Muslim. By Islamic law anyone who attacks a place of worship is outside of Islam.

The recent detonation of a bomb at the Holy Mosque in Medina is such an historic action. It is obvious that those guilty were on their way into the Mosque itself. They were stopped in the parking area where the bomb detonated. Had the assassin entered the holy sanctuary the act of terrorism would have been unprecedented in human history. The sacred sanctuary in Mecca, the Mosque in Medina, and the holy site in Jerusalem has been measured purified even before human history.

Those who seek to terrorise innocents and target places of worship cannot be considered a worshiper who seeks to honour the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ismail. They are in truth inspired by evil that seek to dishonour the religion of Abraham.

In the words of the wise anyone can shout “Allah Hu- Akbar” before committing a crime. Voicing the words does make the criminal a Muslim, in truth it is an utterance of intense blasphemy. Under the settings of criminality it refutes every tenet of the Islamic faith and must be measured as hypocrisy.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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