Since I have little interest in sport I find the dialogs about transformation in sports interesting for different reasons.

It seems as if there are two perspectives not meeting in the debate. The one is where the Minister insists on an all or nothing route which is his choice after 20 years of non-start. On the other side are the previously advantaged who are angry that they are denied chance to showcase their talent.

Ironically while both have an arguable case, neither sees the logic and benefit in helping the other move forward. Since most critics agree that grassroots actions and Model C schools are where opportunity lies, why is not more effort placed on this area of development?

Sporting facilitators of Model C schools can scout talent at township schools and offer the necessary opportunity. Example, since 20 schools were destroyed in a district of Limpopo, it is unlikely that many university applicants or sports achievers will arise from those ashes, for some time.

In the meantime there are talented youths who had nothing to do with the sabotage who now face impossible odds. What is required is for sports administrators and school coaches who care about our nation to go and find the youth. House and educate them at Model C schools where prospect exists.

The education and sports departments can share the financial burden as it is obvious from the Ministers response that past interventionist strategies have failed. For far too long we have been building buildings and not institutions and people. The wealth of a nation lies with its people and institutions. Study Japan and Singapore who have no natural mineral wealth or vast land and think.

When white people blame blacks and black people blame whites it creates a milieu of acrimony.

Obviously racism exists in sports as in our economy etc. Our nation was built on racial exploitation for 350 years. Merely pointing a finger does not help. Only sincere hard-working people can turn us away from the racists and social saboteurs who will say and do anything to inspire hatred and violence.

In the words of the wise we cannot fail ourselves since we are the only ones that in reality can care about what happens to us and the next generation. We are the hope our nation has been waiting for.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress





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