The perfect storm

The violence that is happening across South Africa is a perfect storm.

The Covid19 pandemic with the joblessness is worsening the suffering. Increasing crime and ruthless government corruption has bred increasing futility. The Jacob Zuma saga oddly came at the right and wrong time as those who seek to maximize chaos, have the ingredients required to inspire mayhem.

Some will argue, the Zuma saga is an excuse to ignite chaos, others may argue, that chaos in our social context requires no excuse. We are a society prone to chaos as there is a disregard for law.

Example, few people went to prison because of vicious crimes committed during Apartheid.

Also, politicians and officials have been stealing for decades, yet few are imprisoned. The corrupt “flash the stolen cash” whilst the inquiries carry on without tangible results. When rioting and looting erupt, little is done to stop it. So our society has accepted looting as our “protest culture”.

Ordinary people have witnessed how politicians and officials and their friends loot from rate and taxpayer at all levels of governance. Thus, the time has now arrived for ordinary people to loot.

For a decade we witnessed Jacob Zuma operate with impunity and capture much of the State apparatus. Thus, the message was obvious, chaos and creating overall fear is part of our social dynamics and culture. By trying to burn down economic prospects, protestors are expressing a culture that is part of our “new normal” as chaos and looting has happened many times before.

Example, the burning of trucks, is an old problem. It started when locals who have a rotten work ethic were replaced with foreigners by truck companies. Two years ago locals started to burn trucks and they are just now conveniently burning out more trucks under the banner of “free Jacob Zuma”.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

When a person is murdered in South Africa it takes many years and massive costs to imprison the killer. Thus, the average killer will take the chance as we have more than 20 000 murders per year.

The chances of being caught and prosecuted is so low that crime is “figuratively” worth the effort.

One day when we reintroduce the death penalty for murders and child rapists etc. other criminals will get the message. Criminality only fear direct action as they lack a genuine moral center.

We need intelligent leaders and our current leaders simply lack intelligence. They are unable to plan into the future. They just do not have the skills and abilities required.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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