While I have no reason to defend Pres. Jacob Zuma, those who are speaking out within the tripartite alliance and civil society, gives cause for concern. That many of them are aligned to the Communist Party creates the impression that there is perhaps a take-over of the ANC alliance inside government.

Although I respect for Ronnie Kasrils former ANC Minister of Intelligence who seems to be leading the civil society outrage, Mr Kasrils along with Gwede Mantashe the ANC Secretary General remains established and leading members of the Communist Party. Cheryl Carolus, who recently appeared out of nowhere, is a co-founder of Peotona Capital, an investment company that owns a 16% share in Ponahalo Investment Holdings, a black empowerment company. Ponahalo Investment Holdings holds a joint 50% stake in Ponahalo that owns an 8% of the South African unit of De Beers, the world’s top diamond miner. Cheryl was the South Africa High Commissioner in London. During her high profile tenure, she forged strong global business relationships, and took the UK capital by storm by taking over Trafalgar Square with the eight-week long Celebrate SA, of which De Beers was a sponsor.

Ironically Carolus claims to be a devoted socialist and is strongly aligned the Communist Party

Rob Davies who it was rumoured was about to be removed from cabinet by Pres. Zuma is also a leading communist and so is the current Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan an open foe of Zuma.

On 16 March 2016 the South African Communist Party publically praised “Deputy Minister of Finance, Comrade Mcebisi Jonas for affirming the values of revolutionary morality by refusing an offer to take over the position of Finance Minister he confirmed was made to him by members of the Gupta family”.

Blade Nzimande Minister of Higher education who is usually very rowdy seems suspiciously quiet.

The recent removal of Maruis Fransman as Chairman of the ANC in the Western Cape was followed by the appointment of another leading communists as acting chairman just when the ANC municipal list are to be determined and while the current ANC secretary General is facing disciplinary action.

While I could be wrong about the SACP coup by stealth, where there’s smoke there is usually fire.

Ironically and sadly while we know that Pres. Zuma works for the Gupta’s who does the SACP serve?

South Africans must be alert as those who were eager to get rid of Pres. Thabo Mbeki gave us Pres. Zuma. Let us not be hasty in becoming part of another shady plan that will lead us deeper into the moral and fiscal quagmire.

Leadership requires educated minds that are conscious of all the intrigue that accompanies politics.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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