Recently, as a nation we celebrated Reconciliation Day. Christmas is current and so is the new year.

While it may seem anti-ego, the best thing to do in these festive times is to contact, visit family and associate that have antagonized oneself over the year or years. Making peace with those who vexes oneself is truly cathartic. It will relieve stored anguish and pent-up frustration which may have sublimated into the sub-conscious or unconscious, simmering with time. This temperament sadly displays itself commonly in the manner in which some people drive on the roads causing avoidable pain and suffering, accidents and death. Anger, frustration, pent-up rage and so on, has no benefit.

The Creator worshipped by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob etc. will judge based on our activities, deeds, thoughts and the manner in which we respond to the calamities that life or others unveil in our path.

When we become angry, even when that anger is justified, what does it benefit us to hate another human. If we cannot help that person perhaps it is better to avoid that person instead of hating. 

Recently at the Azzavia Mosque in Walmer Estate the Sheikh stated that the Creator is merciful and that his mercy is endless. The point is, for us to benefit from the Creators mercy, we as individuals must also be prepared to be merciful to those around us. How many of us carry bitterness for years and decades allowing this anger to dictate many of our views and words, only spreading misery.

The Creator is merciful; to experience this mercy, we must practice mercy upon our fellow humans.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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