Covid19 is a warning

Those who hoped that Covid19 would be easily resolved are disappointed. The mutation of the virus in South Africa and elsewhere suggests that more mutations are likely. Since the world is accessible, literally any virus could have global impact even before the virus is detected in the host nation.

Since some governments and private companies experiment with virus that can mutate and kill, the global community must ratify agreements that prohibit the weaponising of such viruses completely.

This suggests that all forms of chemical or biological warfare must be prohibited. Since human enjoy killing and we are unable and unwilling to stop killing, we can at least agree that all biological and chemical weapons be banned completely.

More than a year after the Corona Virus escaped Wuhan in China, the United Nation send a team to investigate. Those liable had more than a year to cover-up whatever needed to be covered-up.

Since some governments engage in bio-chemical and virus research, should a virus accidentally or deliberately escape, the results are indefinable and no state or company would admit liability.

Some point in history, humans need to respond with intelligence to protect humanity as a collective.

What we learnt from Covid19 is that, what happens at a bio-chemical lab in Wuhan, China will impact New York, London and Cape Town causing countless material and human losses etc.

Originally social media correctly or wrongly blamed the origin of Covid19 on the eating habits of a specific community. As a global community, we must reduce global hunger and events that instigate the consumption of questionable products. When people have enough food to eat, there will be no need to eat reptiles, cats and dogs etc. Consuming creatures that are risky is usually a bad idea.

Scientists in conversation with global leaders must agree on a list of things for eating. The dietary limits as given by the Torah, Bible and Quran is a start. When religious texts agree that certain creatures like monkey’s, apes and other bush meats etc. are not for eating, everyone must accept.

The global community cannot permit a situation where some decide to eat things for whatever reason and then endanger the global health system. Already 50% of South Africa is jobless and many struggle with financial and mental health issues. Covid19 is liable for much damage. But some of our leaders are liable for serious wrong doing as well. Somewhere, somehow, people must be held liable.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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