Racism is not just a word

South Africa is one of the most unequal and racist societies and this will not change soon.

The reasons are straightforward, logical and obvious to those prepared to think above the “noise”.

Two examples seem fitting. Media reports clarified that former President Zuma is having his 23rd child from a “7th wife”, 50 years his junior. Zuma’s continued actions suggest that has no desire to alter behavior as he regards his actions as acceptable. Likewise, consider the case of Vicky Momberg, a convicted racist who exhibited limited regret after using the K****R word 48 times in an outburst.

So, what does Zuma and Momberg have in common, the evidence suggests that both despise blacks.

Momberg dislikes blacks publically as she said on camera. Zuma uses and abuses blacks tacitly and cleverly, when he created perhaps the most corrupt government in the history of South Africa.

While Momberg offended many people, Zuma is possibly worse. He abetted widespread poverty by imbedding ineptitude and corruption in our state. For 10 years’ and more, poor blacks witnessed the abuse of taxpayer’s monies at the whim of a few. Example, reports suggests R1.5 million in cattle destined for poor farmers, was moved from the (Gupta) Vrede Dairy project to Zuma’s Nkandla.

While Momberg is jailed and Zuma plays legal and political games we must focus on the problems.

Yes, there are whites who sit strategically in government, business, in civil society and elsewhere and plot and plan on how to delay and prevent blacks from escaping poverty. These whites do not use the K****R word publically. Yet they are 1000 times more dangerous than Vicky Momberg.

Equally, there are many more blacks like Zuma who plot and plan to steal from the taxpayer. These blacks are in government for self-enrichment. Ironically, they often speak about the “poorest of the poor” with great pretense. They steal billions annually from housing projects and from development initiatives causing poverty in municipalities where “clean audits and accountability” are meaningless.

Vicky Momberg was a senseless but perhaps not a dangerous racist. The dangerous racists (white and black) who reduce and delay widespread black progress, they, operate quietly and with stealth.

In the words of the wise, let’s not become snared by “noise” of words, let’s focus on the activities of racists who deliberately cause us all material harm and threaten our collective social cohesion.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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