Politics of destiny

The political shenanigans amongst the Republicans and the Democrats in the USA is bizarre.

I am a critic of Pres. Donald Trump as I consider him to be a deceiver who has limited respect. Ironically, the Democrats in the USA are possibly worse. At least, Trump did not, yet, start a war.

Recently the Democrats accused Pres. Trump of asking China for help with his re-election via the purchase of products from his support base. Oddly when Democrats work with Russia or China then it is “progressive”. When Pres. Trump does the same, it is measured, peddling political influence.

Thus the recent CNN media claims that Russia paid the Taliban to kill US soldiers, is far-reaching.

I do not care if Pres. Trump and Pres. Putin are pals or not or if Pres. Trump asked China for help.

Historically, when the USA sought to dismantle the Soviet Union, the USA armed the same Taliban in Afghanistan to destroy the Soviet Union through a war of attrition. The war ruined Afghanistan and killed millions. The truth is, the Pathan/Pashtun tribes ruined the Soviet Union with US military help.

Today, Russia the progeny of the Soviet Union uses the same strategy to keep the US in Afghanistan where the USA will ultimately be bled to its military and financial ruin. Already the US economy is kept artificially alive with bailouts that is designed to ensure a fake capitalism. In truth, the USA is an oligarchy just like Russia where a few rich people rule the majority with deception and fear.

Oddly, the mistake that both the USA and Russia is making, is to assume that the Pashtun/Pathan are ignorant mountain dwellers. The Pashtun/Pathan have an amazing history. They are linked to the progeny of Alexander the Great and his Macedonian Generals who married into the Afghan tribes.

Nebuchadnezzar, of Persia exiled the tribe of Prophet Joseph to Afghanistan where they integrated with the local tribes. The Mughal Empire that ruled North India also has its origins in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan and the Pathan/Pashtun people are the gravediggers of many empires. Pres Putin of Russia and Pres. Trump of the USA have learnt nothing from history. They should have learnt from the British experience. History will record their stupidity.

The Afghan Pathan/Pashtun are a people of destiny; history suggests they cannot be defeated.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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