In his letter “Sinister roots of Isis, James Cunningham hit the nail on the head. What is happening in the Middle East and across Africa has always been the prerogative of the elite that control and govern the resources of the globe. Religious variances are added like a spice to season any conflict. In Syria and Iraq it is measured sectarian, in Africa it is tribal and across the Far East it is reflected as ethnic. Few people have the time or temperament to analyse every conflict or the conditions that intimate violence. It is simplistic to argue that every situation is pure religious intolerance or racial hatred. Deep down there are always the materialistic elite who benefit from war and systematic violence. While ordinary people are slaughtered at the behest of the global oligarchy, these elite remain hidden. James has identified the USA and some family run Arab states that are managing some of the violence. It is ironic that some self-appointed Arab Kings recently met with the new self-appointed Pharaoh of Egypt Al Sisi to commend him on his election in which most of the opposition was jailed. The United States and the oligarchy ruling the Arab world has little time for God, religious tolerance, democracy or freedom. They use violence and instigate religious tension when it serves their plan. How can leaders who slaughter their citizens wholesale be trusted? Jews, Christians and Muslims who believe that our differences can be solved with violence need to wake up. The elite have been using violence for centuries to distract from their depravity and to reduce the global population. The painful cries and suffering of ordinary people gives the elite great pleasure. While Jews, Christians and Muslims bicker about trivial religious doctrine that is intended to divide us, our mutual enemy is growing dominant and powerful every day. Cllr Yagyah Adams Cape Muslim Congress

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