The parliamentary emphasis on the goings-on at the SABC divulged many predictable truths.

One opinion suggests that Pres. Jacob Zuma captured the public broadcaster.

While this may come as a surprise, it should not.  Globally, those who seek influence and power capture the media. In the United States, Fox news network is plainly a Republican Party voice. The New York Times, Washington Post, CBS and other media houses promote the Democratic Party.

In truth, there is no such thing as free public broadcasting as everything requires money. What, can be expected is reduced propaganda and neutral reporting. Even social media is not free or neutral as it effects public opinion to generate money for its owners. Those who share their privacy on social media ignorantly endanger themselves as the images and opinion shared could return to haunt.

The point is, what global media outlet has not been captured or does not have a veiled agenda?

What is vital, is that regular people must liberate themselves from undue influence. This requires thinking. That many people are too lazy to think, is the problem. Thinking requires education which suggests learning to read and write with the idea of finding one’s individual way through life. Many while wanting to do as they please in their private lives, oddly, prefer to be told what arises in the world by media houses as they do not value the effort of thinking. This conduct is common in a donkey, while stubborn, must constantly be led by tight reins. A donkey on its own it will wander unusably with limited benefit.

Political and religious leaders know this behavior and some use this for their benefit.

Thru history an objective of all emissaries of God and even secular rebels like Che Guevara was to liberate the quality of thinking. Envoys of God did not only want people to follow them, they wanted people to discern between good and evil and choose good. Envoys from God came to release people from deception that was created by those inspired by evil who used their power to secure privilege. When regular people liberate themselves from ignorance and blind following, then we can speak about genuine freedom.

Selfish political and religious leaders will not stop spreading mischief until regular people think for themselves and stop following the deceivers. For centuries a few have sent millions into battle in the name of honor, glory, democracy, freedom and so on. The only certainty was death and turmoil for the multitude and private wealth for the few elites.

Study the many European wars, the history of the American wars, the continues conflicts in Africa and the Middle East. With genuine faith and the ability to think ethically can we liberate ourselves.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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