Some time ago, a large sum of ratepayer’s money was wasted on an unutilized cycle lane in Adderley Street. The redundant change, removed valuable parking. As a result, during the afternoon peak, vehicles park illegally; this action reduces Adderley Street to a single lane.

In comparison, money is also wasted on inconsiderate restrictions. Every morning the area around Paul Sauer the old Transnet Building opposite the fountain is chaotic. Taxis, train commuters and motorists jostle for access. Vendors sell food in the middle of one lane while taxis that ignore the vacant parking, block the remaining lane. Since the closure of the only alternate exit, the area around Paul Sauer building has become a ring road. Enclosed by trees, a cast iron fence, a broken pavement and more than a hundred bollards, the copious mass of signage and plastic cones is breath taking.

Ironically, the parking area is often vacant. The trees scatter a sticky reddish black fruit stain and the quantity of bird faeces would frighten any vehicle owner. Since the trees and birds are not negotiable, vehicles are parked with great caution in an attempt to avoid the worst.  To attract trade, those in authority should provide the parking area with coverage.

For years, Strand Street adjoining the station is a nightmare as taxi commuters disembark on the left. Taxi’s then force their way three lanes across to the right, to return to Sea Point.  Recently the third lane was converted to a compulsory right turn. During peak, this regulation is ignored by most drivers. Bus drivers also do their best to block lower Strand Street. Since lower Strand Street is a major exit route towards the N2 and out of the CBD, the obvious lack of law enforcement is incredulous.

Instead of reducing the cost of parking in the CBD, government and other workers are forced to park in the remaining free area. As a result, Bo-kaap residents often cannot park near their own homes.

Those liable for planning need to think practically. Then again, why should anything, be that easy.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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