In response to Jonathan Schrire “Women drivers” October 23rd, one reason why Saudi Arabia is allowed to operate above international norms and standards with regards to the issue of females driving is the simple reality that it is an imperial protectorate. Saudi Arabia was founded and named after a family that was historically assisted to power by colonial Britain. Saudi Arabia will continue to enjoy the full military protection of the American, the British government and others.

Saudi’s anywhere it the worlds are regarded with great care as the USA and Britain will not allow any state or person to interfere with the wellbeing of the royal family or any Saudi citizen. The income that Saudia Arabia has derived from its oil revenue is reinvested by constantly purchasing military equipment. This round about financial aid keeps the American and British economy on its feet.

Should the Saudi’s not pay the protection fee, the British or the Americans would send in CIA, Mi5 or Mossad to blow up some strategic facilities or perhaps a mosque and then blame the Iranians, Islamic radicals or some democracy movement. The American bases in Saudi Arabia are not there for fun.

To inhibit the evolution of democracy and women rights, the Saudi’s pay the protection fee and the Americans, the British and the Israelis keep the global media and everyone else at bay.

On a similar note, every week 45 people are murdered in the Western Cape, thousands of women and children are raped every year. According to the Provincial police commissioner Arno Lamoer, “We live in a sick society”.

I suggest Jonathan forget about the women in Saudi Arabia. Instead, he should focus on improving the condition of those women working around his home and at his local supermarket.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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