Economic Strength

Since the inception of the new dispensation, few members of our community have benefitted from the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment opportunities that occur. Many of these contracts are secured by individuals with strong political relations. This type of unethical behavior has become standard in government and business. Many business contracts are contrived to benefit a few individuals and do not serve the long term interest of society.
With acquired influence and authority, the CMC will endeavor to create opportunity for regular people through a process of developmental broad based political and economic empowerment.
This will be done by actively encouraging, sustaining and protecting small and medium businesses especially in the construction and clothing industries.
With the responsible utilization of municipal contracts the CMC will encourage joint ventures between government and businesses in order to benefit the broader community.
This can be achieved through unlocking substantial contracts and adapting them into manageable portions for the benefit of smaller contractors. This scenario would challenge the approach which is currently acceptable.
The CMC will assert that individuals with a history of activity in an industry benefit from the transformation process.
Building contracts must favor those who have been excluded historically. This happened due to unjust industry activity .e.g. monopolies and corruption.
Transparency, accountability, quality service delivery and broad based community empowerment would be the principal motivator.
The cut-rate quotations would not necessarily be the deciding factor as this favors companies who often built their advantages on questionable practices and Apartheid.
The entrepreneurs who benefit from CMC policy would be encouraged to invest of their profits into community initiatives in order to create more employment opportunities.
The sustainable development of factories that manufacture clothing, reducing our dependence on foreign products and recreate a manufacturing component to absorb the unemployed will be encouraged.

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