While Cape Town gears itself for the latest hype regarding racism, a primary school up on a hill not so far from the city centre is working towards making multiculturalism and learning excellence a reality.

After some years as Chairperson I was again selected by the general parents meeting to serve on the governing body. The governing body which consist of diverse cultures, races and religions then re-elected me as Chairperson. That a former Model C school with a majority Christian population again appointed a Muslim person of colour its Chairperson suggests broadmindedness and gratitude of work well done. While other schools struggled to gain a quorum, the little school on the hill achieved a quorum at its first meeting.

While Cape Town braces for the many blames and counter claims of racism, xenophobia and who knows what-else, the little school on the hill, its staff, parents and governing body is driven by excellence and the will to succeed. There is little time to indulge in unrealistic and futile talk; there is only time and energy to achieve the best for the learners and staff. It is a learning space where white, black and brown children learn values and receive a holistic education. While others schools fight the Department of Education, we exercise assertive diplomacy to achieve achievable objectives.

As a microcosm of the South African experience we have learnt that when God is absent then enmity and pugnacious indifference prevails. Therefore we have a Christian program as an extra-mural activity and we close school at 12:20 on Friday so Muslim kids can attend Mosque to instil discipline.

God bless the learners, staff and parents of Tamboerskloof Primary and thank you for the re-election.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Citizen of Cape Town

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