There are many reasons that increase the petrol price.

A basic study identifies global and local reasons. Locals have limited control over the global factors.

On the local front, the major culprit is the tax which feeds the Road Accident Fund (RAF) which is ironically also innocent and only seeks to compensate the injuries caused by road incidences.

The actual cause of local petrol increase is those responsible for road incidences. The silliness of our judicial system to punish those who drive intoxicated and recklessly is another main reason.

In 2017 about 15 000 were killed in road incidences and in the last 10 years about 134 000 died.

This road death stat does not include the millions injured who claim from the RAF for bottomless medical care etc. Thus our regular petrol price increase is directly connected to the number injured and killed as the RAF must pay families for loss of future income, hospitalization etc.

Ironically, those high on drugs and alcohol, causing many of the road chaos, in most instances, walk away free of any financial burden. The innocent drivers pay the monetary cost of the intoxicated driver via the petrol tax to the RAF.

Sadly, many road victims are also a result of absurdity. Locals continue to struggle when crossing a road. For some odd reason, when listening to music or engaging in social media on gadgets when crossing a road, some folk think they are immune and can repel cars from driving into them.

One day, like most of the world, when locals learn to walk on pavements and cross the road properly, the price of petrol may not increase as often.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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