Corona exposes our short-comings

Some folk are ridiculous.

In the last month many have become virus experts. Across the length and breadth of social media anyone with an opinion on Corona is sharing.

I prefer to focus on the behavioral outcomes trending in the media.

Instead of the world working together to find a solution to the virus. Pres. Trump is blaming China and the World Health Organization (WHO). China is making all kinds of noises about solving the problem and then not solving the problem. The North Koreans continue launching ballistic missiles.

Ironically Europe and the West that have for centuries lectured the rest of the world about its scientific and cultural superiority are unable to help themselves. The relentless talk of human rights is moot as the bodies in old age and other care facilities are piling up with great indignity.

The BBC informed viewers that a third of front line health workers in Britain are foreigners, most are from Muslim and African nations. The very people that are regarded by some Britons as intruders.

Ironically, strong nations that have beaten-up on weak nations for decades are now turning to the Creator for mercy. Fear starks the entire earth as anyone is susceptible to an invisible threat.

There is no more talk about Islamic terrorism as those who generate propaganda have bigger problems. They have a real enemy and not one they created as a military and political strategy.

The billions spent on weapons and killing people for oil and other resources has proven futile. The price of petrol is exposed as manipulated based on the greed of a few. The global economic system has been exposed as being a deception where a few tell the many the “way it is”.

Billions disappeared from the stock market, where did it come from where did it go? Was it real to begin with or did it only exist as numbers on a screen? Why do we need a pandemic for the interest rates to drop? What happen to inflation? Where is Moody and the other rating agents, are they going to downgrade Europe since there is limited economic growth? Why is the South African Rand so low compared to the British pound when we have gold, platinum and diamonds and they have none? Where did the USA find the billions they are planning to use to stimulate their economy whilst they owe the world $13 Trillion. Did the USA Federal Reserve just print money like Zimbabwe.

The lies that we were told are unraveling, because of an invisible virus. The truth will set us free.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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