While Capetonians were shocked at the behaviour of students who stormed parliament, the worse is still to come.

Currently the City of Cape Town along with other social partners is teaching people how to wash their hands.  The City of Cape Town via its Social Development Department is also engaging vulnerable families in parts of Cape Town to teach parents -how to be parents.

At an official briefing 22nd Oct at Sub-Council 12 in Mitchells Plain, Councillors were informed that many kids lacked discipline because their parents are either bodily absent or added no value to the lives of the kids. Also, since parents themselves lack discipline they were unable to teach their kids.

The discipline of many kids are thus already the responsibility of educators and other members of society who must teach kids manners and so on as parental care at home has and continues to fail.

Those kids who have to be taught discipline by others, beside their parents, is a result of parents being addicted to alcohol and drugs and also lacking parental commitment, education or interest.

The sad reality is that society will certainly have to have the difficult discourse of asking itself -why we allow people to procreate when they are clearly unable to manage the duty.

In the words of the wise, why do we allow addicts to have kids when we know that the kids will suffer?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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