In an enlightened society, the best person would get the job. Citizens would be socially responsible, crime and corruption would be manageable and sagacious people would govern. Unfortunatly our society with its protracted history of racist brutality and exploitation is far from that ideal.

While I agree with some ideals in “Secular government best” 22nd June I have to correct several mistakes and views which he attributes to me. Firstly, any lucid person knows that the 2001 census regarding the Muslim statics is inaccurate. Ironically Ben Leviticus the Chairman of the SA Zionist Federation in his letter “Fransman’s statements on Jews are divisive and racist” states “Roughly 700 000 Muslims live in the Cape”. If Leviticus words are no good, who is to be trusted? Many politicians have also noted the non-voting Muslim populace that could swing a local election. Alderman JP Smith some time ago suggested to me that because of migratory patterns, no- one knows what the population of Cape Town is.

Secondly, that politicians appoint whom they please was my leading point. In this city, politicians with limited education and no experience have been appointed to senior positions. Claims emanating from within the DA have been discussed in the media. If merit and qualifications are not key essentials, what criterion besides sucking up to party leaders is used? What happens to “fit for purpose” when the Minister of Education has a partial education? When masses of Muslims vote DA, is it decadent to expect Muslim DA Councillors with some power? Is it rational that white DA Councillors with Doctorate Degrees are ignored when others with a Matric certificate are appointed above them?

For 360 years the South African narrative has been a black and white chronicle. The ANC claims the DA represents white interests and the DA claims the ANC represents rich black interests. Considering our racist history, what is innately wrong when Muslims and Coloureds represent communal interests within varied political alliances? For example how many local Muslims and Coloureds profit from black economic empowerment? Why does drug addiction affect mostly Coloured and Muslim communities?

Thirdly, I did not write for “the promotion of parochial religious interests” but in saying that, does Kevin know that Muslims and Coloureds are the only people on earth that has experienced the brutality of slavery, colonialism and Apartheid? Also, I did not suggest that “governance be based on theological grounds”. I do, however support the influence of an Anglican interpretation of governing principles.

It is odd that Kevin suggest that secularism, which is essentially the political aspiration of atheism, is more meaningful in this majority Christian nation? My interpretation of political values implies that those who worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob because of their expected ethical rearing should be less inclined to corruption. Similarly, those who reject a divine creator would be less inclined to a value based conscious, since they lack a foundation on which to base their beliefs.

While Kevin adds that 8 of the most corrupt nations have Muslim majorities, he is blissfully unaware of the corrupting influence of his secular states? Is it coincidental that the nations {Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen} that he refers to have been covertly or overtly occupied by the US? Have these regimes not been installed and maintained by the USA? Does Kevin know that both the Taliban and Karzai’s Afghan government which are at war are both funded by the CIA? When secular states {USA, Germany China, Britain and Russia} corrupt African and Muslim dictators, is this acceptable?

Regarding the South African Arms Deal, does Kevin know who bribed Tony Yengeni and so on?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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