The truth will set you free

The letter “Stop turning a blind eye to China’s faults while taking money from the US” by Mr. Flint requires a response. To suggest I am anti-West and pro-China is a childish analysis of my writing.

I am pro-God and against communism, pro-truth and against falsehood, pro-peace and against war.

I am neither for the East or the West. What I seek is a God conscious and dignified world where varied religions, cultures and tribes etc. learn to appreciate each other and avoid needless conflict.

The problem is, the “West” deceitfully insists on pretending to present a Judeo/Christian world view.

Abraham, Moses and Jesus the Messiah did not inspire slavery, exploitation, racist abuse etc. These envoys of God came to free the enslaved and undo economic and political tyranny. They sought to establish truth, justice, dignity. For centuries the “West” has been ruled by evil people who deviously pretend to embody the values of Moses and Jesus, whilst they kill innocents for gain.

In truth the pretenders instigate war to maintain material and racial benefit. They wage war for supremacy, not to establish truth, justice and freedom but to inspire degradation and corruption.

The “West” corrupts the global economic system so the rich can legally abuse the poor. The “West” supports many brutal regimes and only speaks of human rights, when it benefits the “West”.

The majority of people are kept poor by corrupt leaders who in fact serve the “West”. If the poor protest or revolt they are abused or branded fanatic’s, militant, terrorists etc. and then killed.

Poor folk wanting to escape to the “West” are measured as a threat and carriers of disease etc.

Oddly, the “West” cannot stop China’s type of neo-colonialism without the help of the global community. The “West’ needs to regain the trust of the suffering Muslims and African people etc.

To regain global trust, the “West” must stop its racist exploitation and stop helping dictators and corrupt politicians and business who steal from the poor. The “West” must stop the deceit and arrogant bravado and work on maintaining truth, justice and dignity for all.

The “West” lost the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, South America and in so many other places. It is time to stop “playing brave”. Currently 20% of all USA war veterans commit suicide.

China is already in charge. To challenge China, the “West” needs to wake up and deal with reality. The majority of Muslims and Africans etc. have more in common with the “West” than with China.

Sadly, it is the arrogant deceit, racist abuse and spiteful cruelty that make us sick of the “West”.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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