Nobody is perfect

We all make mistakes. Some repeat mistakes because we are human and to error is human.

This is the nature of being human, we are all subject to questionable behaviors that challenge us.

However, there are some errors that require analyses and deeper understanding. These mistakes that can lead to catastrophic results if it is not stopped or managed with urgency and drastic action.

Example, our nation’s history of racism is a cruel and horrible history. Since Apartheid was a crime against humanity I have always considered, why some people believed with conviction that it was and is still okay to be cruel or abusive towards another person simply because of their skin color.

Yes, Apartheid abused dark skinned people and advantaged light skin people with everything, from housing and job allocation to medical treatment, education etc.

However, what I struggle to understand is, how a person who claims to believe in God Almighty could treat another person with cruelty because of the color of their skin. I can understand one white person not liking or even hating a specific Brown or Black or Indian person. But how and why do you decide to hate a few million that you had never ever met. Perhaps a Black, Indian or Brown person did something to you but what did the other millions do to deserve you overall racial hatred?

Also, since it is election time, some political parties are going to make promises which they will not keep since they did not keep the promises that they have made before. Is it logical that voters will again vote for the same political parties that already did not keep promises? Is it likely that most voters suffer from memory loss or is it that they have no faith in the other political parties?

In a democracy you can vote for whoever you want. But if you are voting for the same party who lie and steal from the rate and taxpayers, then you are not an innocent voter but an actual accomplice.

After 27 years of democracy the voter must have learnt who can be trusted and who is corrupt. Who is a racist oppressor and who is making empty promises? Only when the voter can separate the good from the wicked and the thief from the honest, will change come. Otherwise very little will change.

What is certain is that we cannot continue along these lines of political corruption and deception. Our joblessness and crime levels are far too high. Something soon is going to break.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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