Never underestimate human greed or stupidity

On Feb 11th on page 9 of the Argus was a short write-up noting massive human rights abuse.

A European Union Commission accepted pharmaceutical giant Aspens suggestion to drop prices of Cancer drugs by 75%. This arose after the European Union exposed Aspen who abused its dominant position in Europe by vastly over-charging.

Discussing the “value of life” maybe unethical but others have already made determinations. The life of a rich person in the “West” clearly has more value than that of a poor African.

Example, years ago our leaders delayed the distribution of HIV/AIDS drugs as it was expensive. Many innocent people died as the pharmaceutical companies refused to reduce the cost.

In the pharmaceutical industry like the Military Industrial Complex and oil industry, cost of a production has no connection to selling price. This is vicious predatory capitalism at work.

These industries lack humanity, a moral compass and is driven by a wicked greed that is godless.

While the Arms and illegal drug trade is built on killing, the pharmaceutical industry is supposed to help humanity. This is untrue as we see nations battling for vaccines. Those with money will win.

Thus, we must be pragmatic and see our situation for what it is. Globally, our nation is insignificant.

Our state procured a vaccine that is 20% effective and will probably expire before distribution.

Our political leadership idiocy is globally renown. Why else could India sell us an unusable vaccine? The answer is, Indian leaders disrespect us especially after the Gupta’s used and abused our nation.

After decades of corruption and the scandals in the highest office, we have inadequate self-respect.

Sadly, we know our political leaders lack education, but what is disappointing are our universities and scientists sitting on advisory bodies etc. Why are we paying them when they could not create or even buy a proper vaccine? Did any scientists research or even check the expiry date on the label?

Social media reports are abuzz about South Africa returning to the space race. Apparently we had an active space program that was shut down after the democratic elections of 1994.

I suggest we forget about using taxpayer’s money on any space adventures.

Our DG for Foreign Affairs is suspended as they bought a building in the USA they now, cannot find.

In the words of the wise, we have no business in space, we cannot find a R118 million building we bought on earth and we cannot create a suitable vaccine for Covid19 at any of our local universities.

Our leaders need to stop dreaming and manage our reality.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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