It is sardonic that whenever innocents is murdered in our society there is a massive outcry that lasts about a week or so and then society settles back into the usual slumber.

The rape, torture and murder of an innocent girl in Tokai forest is such an example. This repulsive crime reflects the condition of the South African society where very few situations or places can be measured safe.

About 2000 years ago it was recorded in Proverbs 21:15 “”When justice is done, it is a joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.” Currently evildoers experience great joy and the righteous live in terror as justice has been replaced by laws that are more concerned with the well- being of the evildoer than that of the innocent victim.

Sadly it is ironic that whenever evil rears its head the usual pundits who seek an excuse for evil, relish in telling us how Apartheid influenced the criminals and how poverty drove them towards evil. How people correlate poverty with sodomy and murder of innocents in a beautiful park is deeply offensive, yet these views persist.

Since 16 000 people are murdered annually in South Africa, it is obvious that attempts to rationalize evil has failed and only serves an evil agenda.

What is required is truly very simple. Reintroduce the death penalty for murderers and child rapists etc and crime will decrease as the criminals will be dead. Only evil can rationalise the sodomy and murder of a child and only righteous people can genuinely fight evil.

What remains unclear is why the ANC and DA insist on making life more comfy for criminals using taxpayer’s money? Why is it that, after so many innocent are murdered, the return of the death penalty has never been debated in parliament? Why are our politicians and judges so desperate to save murderers and child rapists?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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