The robbery and attempted murder of Jackson Mthembu ANC spokesperson and the actual murder of Senzo Meyiwa the Bafana-Bafana and Orlando Pirates goalkeeper demonstrates that South Africans live and work in a climate of fear. Criminals who have absolute disregard for human rights and constitutional talk about freedom and security operate without regret or concern. The irony is that you can get killed inside or outside your home, at the mall or just by visiting a shop on the corner.

Jackson Mthembu is an important South African leader and an influential person, yet his attackers did not care about his struggle against Apartheid or his political connections. Senzo was a sporting star and a hero to many young black people who dream of a live beyond the squalor of the townships. Black, White, Brown, rich and poor, we are all victims of criminals who have no regard for law or life.

Criminals know that they can commit any crime with impunity as our system of justice is deeply flawed. Every year nearly 16 000 people are murdered in South Africa and countless others are threatened with death by criminals. Nearly 55 million South Africans and who knows how many foreigners are terrorised daily by criminals who use ordinary people like ATM machines. Criminals shoot the families and members of the police who struggle to protect our communities.

South Africans are tired of being afraid. The vast majority want the return of the death penalty so that those who rape and murder can be suitably judged. We cannot afford to pay taxes and be afraid while prisoners spend their time in lavish hospital prisons awaiting presidential pardons and easy parole.

In the words of the wise, victims do not care to rehabilitate criminals at taxpayers’ expense. Victims do not care to understand why criminal’s rape and murder we want some degree of justice to prevail.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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