Stupidity has cost


On 20 Dec 2019 the Argus published my letter “Qualified people needed to fix nation”.


My letter focussed on two issues. One, I stated that Pres. Ramaphosa was misled about the problems at ESKOM. Two, I identified the problem as a result of stupidity and general greed.


Sadly, often the debates in Councils as in Parliament both national and provincial are often ceremonial as decisions are made behind closed doors by a vested few and ratified in public.


This includes the choice of staff that who administer our nation. Public input is key primarily when it confirms the expected outcome. Strife of sorts is needed before politicians take note.


Why am I writing this now?


We are a year and some months from a municipal election. Early in 2021, politicians that are currently engaged in party political in-fighting, corruption and all kinds of wrong-doing including stupidity, will briefly stop and explain to voters, how vital they are for democracy.


Posters and adverts will appear and folk will be showered with promises of free water, electricity and more. Oddly, most campaigns are funded by the taxpayer via contracts to political connections who give kick-backs via donations which remains hidden from voters.


Already 60% of eligible voters, do not vote, they have lost faith. What they do not know is that the “proverbial party” in the halls of power continues, with or without their vote.


To save South Africa, voters must take time and effort to separate the rubbish and deceitful politicians from the clean and honest. Voting for one party to stop another is not enough.


Most political parties have deceitful politicians hidden deep within their ranks, just waiting.


If Pres. Ramaphosa can be misled about ESKOM, imagine what they discuss behind shut doors.


Even whilst our taxes are wasted, ESKOM and SAA etc. without any shame, demands bailouts.


Consider this; the funerals of Winnie Mandela and two other stalwarts cost taxpayers R76 million. Some costs include: R7 million to hire chairs, couches and cushions; R2.47 million for draping; R470,000 for serviettes; R695,000 for orchestra equipment and R30 000 to dig three graves. We do not know what occurred with some of the millions that was meant for Nelson Mandela’s funeral? Yet, the theft continues with brazen disrespect.


Our nation cannot progress when stupid people and thieves are in charge. Voters can change our destiny by simply voting for individuals that can be trusted. Voters must take their vote seriously if they want real change.


Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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