Thursday as my family viewed the State of the Nation Address (SONA) my kids asked questions.

Example, they wanted to know why politicians were so vulgar in parliament and why they were fighting. They wanted to know why the younger MP’s were so rude to the elderly and if politicians could swear in Parliament why they (my kids) could not swear at home. They asked why MP’s could not wait until others were done speaking and why some MP’s repeated the same questions.

My kids wanted to know if it was normal to fight in parliament and if so, why I did not allow them (my kids) to fight at home. My kids asked why I did not allow them to throw each other with objects when politicians threw each other with bottles in parliament. They also wanted to know why I did not approve of baseball caps inside the house while politicians wore berets in parliament.

They wanted to know why roads were blocked from the morning, forcing my wife to get up even earlier to use public transport to work, if MP’s knew that they would disrupt events and leave early.

They wanted to know how a few MP’s could delay SONA proceedings for 1 hour while the Speaker allowed them chance to insult the President.

I had no answers and told them to change the channel.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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