The last round of Zionist bombings of Gaza reminded me of the National Party that told the world that the ANC were terrorists. Like Zionists, the National Party also told the world that they were a bastion of democracy and freedom and without them, civilization would end. The strategy in defence of Apartheid and Zionism are similar. That Europeans were exclusively liable for the Holocaust hangs as an eternal Damocles sword over Zionist activity. Hence Zionist murder of vulnerable Palestinians will be tolerated into the future. Since the Zionists have the military equipment including tanks and fighter jets while Palestinians have household paraphernalia, the genocide is not a fight between equals.

Some time ago, 3 Israeli’s were murdered. Without judicial process or evidence, the Zionist machinery was unleashed on ordinary Palestinians. Based on the last genocide, my calculation suggested that for one dead Israeli, at least 100 Palestinians especially women and kids will be killed

While all of these Zionist killings are continuing, the ANC shows its pro-Palestinian credentials while the DA goes quiet when Zionist goes into kill mode. The ANC also has many anti-Zionist activist like Ronnie Kasrils, in comparison, the DA have several pro-Zionists in its midst. Similarly while the disinvestment campaign including the activities of COSATU and the ANC youth league are evident, the DA has yet to issue a meaningful statement against the atrocities committed against Palestinians.

It often seems as if the disinvestment campaign led by non-Muslims against Zionism is of greater value than some activities of local Muslims. Ironically many Muslims voters ignore the Issue of Palestine when they vote DA who it seems, do not sympathise with the Palestinian struggle.

This duplicity is interesting as it is the same Muslim community that regularly march through Cape Town exhibiting their deep emotion for the Palestine people. It is also the Muslim community who regularly accuse local Jews who mostly support the DA of liberal insincerity and double standards.

The disparity with Muslim expression and their voting patterns raises painful questions. Example, are Muslims who allegedly despise Zionism, indifferent towards their voting choices or are they purposely unconscious? Similarly on what basis do local Jews support freedom, democracy and non-racism in South Africa but have a different interpretation when it pertains to Palestinians? Are Palestinians unworthy of a state, democracy, equality, freedom and human rights?

Since we live in a democracy, locals can vote forever they want. Therefore, if Muslims ignore Muslim parties like the Cape Muslim Congress at elections and vote DA does the ANC’s visible support of the Palestinian struggle suggest that local Muslims are insincere in their support of the Palestinians?

In the words of the wise, what does this obvious duplicity displayed by both the Jewish and Muslim communities, say about genuine ideals and commitment to authentic religious values?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress



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