To qualify my opinion I copied an extract from an article by Neve Gordon the author of Israel’s Occupation (2008) and Mark LeVine professor of history at the University of California, Irvine and Distinguished Visiting Professor at Lund University’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies in Sweden.

The article published 24 Feb 2016 is titled “Who’s really the Better Friend to Israel, Hillary or Bernie”?

“It was perhaps a sign of momentary desperation after her 22-point defeat in New Hampshire, but right before Hillary Clinton left the Granite State, the Friend of Israel card was pulled out. One of her surrogates, former congressman Paul Hodes, declared that “Hillary Clinton has been a very strong friend of Israel and that is something that should not be lost on the American Jewish community.”

No one gets elected to higher office in the United States without being a certified friend of the Jewish State. But can Hilary Clinton really hope to shore up her once solid Jewish base by claiming to be better for the Jews than the first serious Jewish presidential contender?

Clinton has certainly done everything possible to curry favour with the pro-Israel crowd, going so far as to declare that she’d invite her “friend” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House in her first month in office. She’s also spoken of her “enduring emotional connection” with the country, promised to rebuild the “unbreakable bond” (a clear slight to the approach of her former boss, President Obama, toward Israel), take ties “to the next level,” and “do everything I can to enhance our strategic partnership and strengthen America’s security commitment to Israel.”

With the republican nominee being as radical as Donald Trump that actually intends to ban Muslims and deport almost anyone that is not a white American, ruthless war is on the horizon. Muslims must brace for relentless war as Israel will not be giving an inch, not after Israel secured the factual destruction of Syria.

Most regular Muslims do not know that Israel was begging the USA for a war against Syria more than 10 years ago. Syria is a backer of Hezbollah and other forces that Israel feared. With Muslims permanently bogged down in what seems like a perpetual self-inflicted war of ignorance, Israel is free to murder at leisure while Hamas, Hezbollah and others are distracted.

Muhammed the Prophet of Islam warned Muslims that our enemies will feed on our weaknesses, disunity and stupidity. Often it seems that we are unable to learn. Thus we must die as the wars on Muslims will not stop as all three leading American presidential candidates love war and hate Muslims.

Ironically in Cape Town some main concerns remain if Moulood is an innovation or not. The other issue is when Eid is. Those amongst us who deliberately spend energies dividing Muslims must know that that their time is up. Muslims do not have time for useless theological fights when our Ummah are killed in their millions.

We need social, religious and political leaders etc that can solve our problems not create more problems.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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