On Friday’s when attending Jummuah, while awaiting the Khutba, it is common to observe musallees who behave unsuitably. For example during Salaah, when some musallees ruku or sujud, their backs are exposed. Legally the Salaah is doubtful as the awrah is exposed. Psychologically the rest of the musallees are subjected to a ridiculous sight. This oblivious conduct suggests that the musallee either lacks common sense or decorum. When it is a youth, immediate clarification is possible. When it is an adult, the wife or mother must ensure that their kindred dress properly.

After many decades of attending different mosques, I have resolved that some musallees are clueless with regards to mosque etiquette. Some parade labels as if they are bill boards or walking adverts. Clothes that display multiple brands are a visual distraction to other Musallees. When a Musallee is covered with adverts, to my mind, it suggests that he is seeking attention. Also wearing tight clothing is comical as a Mosque is not the place to display a muscle top.

Similarly, males who wear earrings and gaudy jewellery are an anathema in Mosque. This reflects badly on the entire family as other musallees consider this behaviour as uneducated and low class. By ensuring the husband or son has Mosque etiquette, the mother may save the family distress.

Similarly when a person repents for his life of crimes, it is better, to cover the tattoos. This can be done by wearing a long sleeve shirt. It is pointless to publicise a regrettable lifestyle with tattoos as others do not want to know what gang you belonged to or what crimes you committed.

For some reason some think that talking in Mosque is okay. While a swift quiet greeting is usual, lengthy chats are a misnomer as Musallees visit the Mosque to listen to the Khutba not inane chatter. Since cellphones are common, there is no need to show off. During Salah some Musallees can hear their phones ringing, yet they pretend that it is not. This irritates the entire Mosque while the idiot responsible pretends that everything is normal.

When taking wuḍū, some musallees lack good judgment. They produce the most nauseating sounds, oblivious that the rest of the Mosque can hear. Suffice to say that using the Mosque towels as tissues is unhygienic. Equally cleaning or using the occasion to groom toenails is inconsiderate.

The worse are those who arrive late and then block the Mosque driveway. The stupidity is revealed when they perform many lengthy Sunnah after Jummuah, forcing the rest of the Musallees to wait for the driveway to be cleared. Instead of parking farther and walking to Mosque, the culprits believe that they are entitled to block the Mosque or the driveways of neighbours, obliging everyone to wait.

Since Muslims lead by example the task of being the vicegerents of God on earth as prescribed by the Holy Quran is not an easy task. If Musallees can start by displaying consideration inside and around the Mosque, we are off to a respectable start.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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