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Zionists need “Islamic militants” more than the Palestinians

Injustice is like negative energy and can migrate from one place and one generation to another.

Defeating injustice requires the truth and obliging the guilty to be held liable and pay reparation.

Palestinians are paying for European crimes since the hatred of Jews by Europeans inspired the idea of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

Ironically, Zionist do not see that they are as brutal towards Palestinians when compared to Nazi’s.

Example, Zionists consider Palestinians “inferior humans” who were created to serve and as impure gentiles and who must exist separate from Jews. This justifies upkeep of terror on Palestinians trapped in an enclosed ghetto, like Gaza. If Palestinians are not entirely human, they do not require “human rights”. This is how white Apartheid saw black people in general. Since Palestinians are “contained” to avoid “soiling” the pure Zionist State, Gaza is in reality an enclosed Bantustan.

When the Jews of the European ghettoes defended themselves they were labelled saboteurs and terrorists. European Jews were denied self-defense and resistance was labelled as an “uprising”.

These are propaganda tools Nazi’s used on Germans and Apartheid used on whites to inspire loyalty.

Today, we see similar propaganda on CNN and BBC when we are told “Israel has a right to defend itself”. This suggests Palestinians are foreign invaders taking what does not belong to them. The Palestinians cannot defend themselves without outside help because they do not have a military.

Oddly, Zionist leaders dishonestly claims to want peace. Yet for decades Zionists abused the secular Yasser Arafat and PLO who are not religious in nature or origin. After Yasser Arafat was murdered, Zionists continue to mock the PLO who have, in reality, become despondent with themselves and their inability to protect the Palestinian people against Zionist cruelty. The PLO regards itself a joke.

Militants allow Zionists to continue killing Palestinians and blame the Palestinians at the same time. Militants are highlighted as an example of “Islamic terrorism” and why peace is impossible. In truth, Zionists need “Islamic militants” of any kind to exist. Zionists would have created Hamas and Islamic Jihad etc. if the militants did not exist. Militants are the perfect excuse for Zionist to avoid peace?

Peace loving and thinking humans of all religions and backgrounds must stand for justice regardless of propaganda. We must hold those liable who generate propaganda as they sustain the oppressor.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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