Years ago, Julius Malema, Gwede Mantashe and Zwelinzima Vavi etc. told South Africans that former President Thabo Mbeki was a dictator and was bullying then Deputy President Jacob Zuma.

After the Zunami (overcome by Zuma) as clarified by Vavi, Mbeki and his supporters including ex-Premier Ebrahim Rasool were thrown into the political wilderness. I was a student of both politicians.

Importantly Thabo Mbeki knew that to halt war, misery and exodus on the African continent, peace was vital. Mbeki toured extensively to create that peace. At home, Mantashe, Malema, Vavi and others used this time to weaken Mbeki. They effectively halted the African Renaissance which was part of “I am an African” by Mbeki. Ironically destabilizing Africa remains a US imperial project.

Today, after great damage was done by this faction of President Zuma, Vavi is in the political wilderness, Julius Malema apologises to Thabo Mbeki at every turn and Mantashe suspects his former comrades of being counter-revolutionaries and insinuates they are possibly American agents.

Nowadays with a falling rand, rising interest rate and with South Africa joining Bric’s anything is possible. History confirms that the US political establishment is spiteful and cruel, have few principles and do not care if millions suffer or die for USA interest and hegemony to be maintained.

The point is Mantashe could be telling the truth and the USA could be stirring the #Zuma must fall# or #Fees must fall# events. Unfortunatly there remain many ill-fated truths. Example, while Malema maybe an offensive political opportunist, President Zuma remains a deeply flawed leader. Our taxes paid for Nkandla and will pay for the Presidents new jet. Students also have genuine issues as fees to costly. Since millions exist in poverty by blaming the USA even if they are fuelling our revolt as they did in Egypt, Libya and across the Muslim world, this will not solve our problem.

Any leadership demands taking charge and solving the problems.

Yes- Apartheid was evil and many profit and continue to benefit from our racist history. So investigate and find the money stolen during Apartheid and via corruption and prosecute the culprits. The vandals on campus are on camera, charge and imprison them and end the anarchy. Equally more than 80% of municipalities and parastatals are unable to achieve clean audits whilst under black control. This does not help develop a healthy black consciousness. By solving problems we display skill and can give the “middle finger” to both the USA and racists who feed on the mantra of African ineptitude.

Likewise the infighting in the ANC is worrisome and the relentless Communists take-over of the state apparatus is unhealthy. Already Gwede Mantashe, Pravin Gordhan and the interim Chairperson of the Western Cape are communists. The ANC as a broad church must remain mainstream that is why a person like the honourable Lindiwe Sisulu is necessary as a national presidential consideration.

The stability of our country is dependent on the stability of the ANC regardless if opposition politicians like it or not. The stability of the ANC requires reduction of internal factional conflict and this can be negotiated or crushed only with firm leadership. Lindiwe Sisulu has that skills and she is that leader.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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