Never before has locals been as worried about food production. Listeriosis is on everyone’s lips as those who love polony are in a pickle. Ironically those responsible, continue to deny liability.

Centuries ago, Prophet Moses, Jesus and Muhammed (peace and salutations be upon all of them) warned humankind to pray before eating. Praying was not just about thanking God for the sustenance, it was also the seeking of protection from what we eat. God knew that in time, wicked people would control food production and feed the rest of us, chemicals and all sorts of rubbish.

Today, many people do not pray before eating and do not care. Listeriosis is just the start of what is to come. Some years ago, mad cow disease scared people in Britain off meat for a long while. Feeding dead animals to cows who are herbivores was a bad idea. Remember years ago when farmers fed chickens fish meal and the chickens started to taste like fish? 

Diseases like diabetes are out of control in many nations including South Africa. Most people do not know what goes into the food that they eat. Growth hormones, anti-biotic etc. are just the start. Some American fruit and vegetables are banned in Europe because of what the Americans engineer into the fruit and vegetables.

People have stopped talking about genetically modified foods as if the concept is normal. Quality food is far more expense that mass produced rubbish the fast food corporations sell us. Often we do not even know where our burgers come from and if they are real meat?

We are human beings, yet those who produce and retail food treat us like animals while government departments sit quietly without any proactive actions. The chase is about more production, more profits. Cheap chemical foods versus actual food. Down scale the workers and add more profits.

Everyday people die from food poisoning; yet we only hear about Listeriosis now.

Praying before eating starts to make sense. God help us all.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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