Who are the real heroes of humanity?

When Jesus, the son of Mary and the Messiah of the Creator left this realm he left behind no wealth.

When Muhammed the son of Amina and a messenger of the Creator died he had little of material value. Though he governed a nation state, Muhammad lived mostly in poverty and had no wealth.

Jesus and Muhammed like other divinely inspired, left behind a legacy of faith, love and wisdom etc.

Their mutual prophetic ancestor and friend of the Creator, Abraham was a nomadic wanderer. He did not leave behind huge wealth beside a lineage that inspire humanity for a thousand generations.

Today, we have Pres. Donald Trump in the USA, Vladimir Putin in Russia and Xi Jinping in China and a range of Kings and Sultans ruling over like we are their slaves and they are new demi-Gods.  

Unlike the prophets, these leaders are some of the wealthiest men on earth and some of the worst.

The Prophets came to free humanity from cruelty and establish truth and justice and worship of the Creator. In comparison these politicians seek conflict; they do not care if millions suffer injustice. The rulers of the “new world order” are not worried about truth or justice or the worship of the Creator. These men worship their own selfish egos’ and gather wealth as if they are going to live forever. They reduce communities to dust in the name of whatever jingoism or false Gods they worship.

Thus it is vital that ordinary people open their eyes and minds to those who pose a danger to our collective humanity. We cannot afford to feed the egos of individuals who proclaim to represent our interest. We must realize that no person is an island and that no community can exist free of others.

We need each other whether we like it or not. Corona Covid 19 has taught us a simple lesson.

The breath and touch of another human can kill. You can sanitize and self-isolate all you want but another person walking pass you, can kill you without any malice or intention to harm.

The point is, we must accept that we are all in this world and reality together. So let us do our best to make life easier for others with singular and shared charity. Even words can be charity. So the next time you see someone scratching in your bin, approach him/her with humanity. Nobody is going to scratch inside a dirt-bin unless they are really hungry and desperate for something.


Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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