According to the Quran and Bible, before the omnipotent God revered by Abraham, Isaac and Ismail created humankind, God bid the angels and other forms of creation into his presence to inform them that God planned to create a “caretaker over the earth”. Humans would have unique power and duty over each other and other creatures on earth. In this primary outline, lies the origin of governance.

As a South African I was always grateful to the African National Congress (ANC) for the liberation struggle. The ANC help deliver us from racial and economic cruelty. Over the years when critics spoke harshly about the corruption and enrichment of the “comrades” I kept quiet hoping and praying that as our democracy stabilizes the theft and wasteful expenditure would lessen.

Unfortunatly, the Finance Ministers Budget Report for 2015 brought forward unpleasant thoughts. I am struggling with the notion that perhaps it was the ANC’s plan to avoid a violent revolution but to punish and bleed South Africans over the longer term. This implies that via increased taxation, those who work hard to sustain their families in basic safety and comfort must continually make sacrifices. Since rich people have money to pay, it is the middle class that is experiencing most of the sacrifice.

Government in spirit is about the collection of monies from the citizenry and the correct spending of monies. Governance is not about enriching associations. The sovereigns of bygone times believed in a direct link between the authority of God in Heaven and monarchs rule on earth. While there has been great variation and misrule, understanding governance has always been linked to the divine.

In 2014 nearly 16 000 people were murdered. Yet murderers are rewarded with short jail terms, free food, free medical and dental care etc.  In “Mental check for killer cannibal” Argus 26th Feb, taxpayers have and will continue to waste millions on psychiatric studies, legal and court issues, hospitalization and many others cost for a Zimbabwean who was caught by witnesses while eating the heart of a man. Hanging the cannibal, would take 5 minutes and save the taxpayer millions in future costs.  What exactly is the point of keeping alive and maintaining at great financial cost, this evil murderer?

While “comrade officials” in expense suits applaud each other on a “balanced budget” businesses worry about surviving the next robbery. The police that are entirely under the national government are unwilling or unable to stop roving gangs of vandals and thieves from robbing fellow African traders. Ordinary traders are not permitted to protect themselves as this defence is termed “vigilantism”.

Drug dealers that have been operating from the same locations on the Cape Flats for decades continue with the corruption and destruction of the next generation of youth.

The notion of redeploying useless comrades to ESKOM, Telkom, SAA and many other spheres of authority has brought our nation to its knees. By increasing tax on those who work and by protecting those who spread ineptitude, our government is breaking the divine covenant to rule responsibly.

In the words of the wise, those who benefit from the labor of others will be held liable, in this world or in the next. Those who fight corruption and wastage are not just devotees of good governance. They are holy warriors in a struggle for self-defence, and therefore display the highest level of patriotism.
Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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