Chapter (64) Surat l-taghābun (Mutual Loss & Gain) Yusuf Ali: O ye who believe! Truly, among your wives and your children are (some that are) enemies to yourselves: so beware of them! But if ye forgive and overlook, and cover up (their faults), verily Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. Very often the Quran contains verses that just utterly fright me. The above verse often causes me to ponder deeply when requested to assist a family that has problems which are evidently self-created. After nearly 10years in the Social Welfare Department of the Muslim Judicial Council and 15years in national, provincial and local government I am fairly confident when helping people. When I do not know, I research, consult or refer into the correct direction. Ironically, often I assist people who hear but in reality do not listen to the advice given. Example 1 An elderly lady met with me about her Council arrears. During the chat she told me that her son was a drug addict and he did not like to work. I suggested that she tell him to contact me so I could refer him to a rehab. I also told her not to support him otherwise he would not improve. Since he never visited I contacted the lady who told me not to worry. Months later she was in my office and explained that she was being evicted. I was startled as she owned the property and had little debt. Ironically in our time apart, her son swayed her to transfer the house onto his name for inheritance. He then sold the property and used the money on drugs. He left his mother with municipal accounts and left the sold property without any warning. The addict son ruined his mother’s financial stability. As the verse explains, the elderly ladies greatest enemy was her son, she just did not know this fact. Example 2 Decades ago I experienced a similar case at the MJC offices. After decades of hard work a retired couple decided to transfer their home into their son’s name. The son who was married for some years had lived with them and they trusted him. After the transfer was done the son and his wife who were married in court had marital problems. Long story short, the divorced wife ended up with the elderly couple’s house and the pensioners and their son had to rent elsewhere. To add insult to injury the wife remarried and her new husband is living in great comfort. As the verse advised, in this case the wife was the husband’s unknown enemy. Example 3 Recently I was contacted by a person who had received several notices from the Council to come forward and make an arrangement. As a result, I advised, where to go and even what to say. A week later the person insisted on an urgent meeting as his water and electricity was cut. Confident in my advice I contacted the Council admin demanding answers. The official clarified that the person did not come forward and after months, due process was affected. On meeting, I asked the plaintiff why he did not listen a week earlier. He replied that he was busy and forgot. This person shamed me in the view of key officials. In this case the man did not need enemies as he was his own enemy. In the end Allah knows best, may Allah protect you and me from our enemies known and unknown. Amen Cllr Yagyah Adams Cape Muslim Congress

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