Justice will prevail

Sometimes we must reflect on how blessed we are and thank the Creator for his mercy.

Years ago I knew a man whose son was an addict. He was innocent until friends led him to drugs.

His parents sent him from one rehab to another but his addiction was strong. He was weak against his demons and knew his behavior ruined his family, financially, psychologically and spiritually. The family who were active in the community, became ashamed and receded into themselves.

In the end, that beautiful but tormented soul could not fight his demons. The injury inflicted upon his family was heavy. One somber day, in the morning before anyone awoke, he sadly killed himself.

Thinking about the pain he experienced in his final moment and the hurt inflicted on that family, I am enraged. No parent should bury a child because of addiction, just to enrich a few drug dealers.

The violence inflicted on society, the injury caused by mental issues caused by addiction is not ok.

Why will I never stop telling this story?

On judgement day, the Creator will exercise his ruling, no mediation will be accepted. Many will enter Hell-fire and ask why? They will feign ignorance and innocence but excuses will be rejected.

For years, people built wealth by producing, importing and trading with intoxicants that are intended to harm others. They have enslaved thousands of youngsters who have, in-time, turned into animals.

The addict commits crimes to sustain the addiction. Every family in Cape Town, white, brown and black have been impacted by this crime. Taxpayers spend billions to help addicts and fix vandalism.

Every parent, every wife or child of an addict prays to the Creator to help the addict. Sadly, some even pray that the addict rather dies. Sometimes death is preferable to the trauma that is caused.

To those who build business and wealth on drug money, be careful. Your wealth is built on quick sand and will, in-time, literally choke you. The Creator listens to the prayers of the suffering families.

To the lawyers, judges and politicians that shield the drug-dealers from penalty with legal tactics and unjust laws, wheeling and dealing, be careful. Your protests will not absolve you on judgement day.

The Creator is just and in the end His justice will prevail as foretold in the Torah, Bible and Quran.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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