Recently a woman drove into the back of my car whilst I was standing at a stop sign. She admitted guilt and express regret when we exchanged details.
Since I pay about 30% in direct taxes and 20% in indirect taxes, like most struggling to remain in the middle class, I cannot afford comprehensive insurance on my 13yr old car and have 3rd party only. My insurer contacted the insurance of the guilty party to determine the way forward. The other insurance replied that their driver did not submit a claim and we had to wait until she did. Nearly a month later, after many calls the woman yielded but gave the insurance an altered account to the narrative that we both agreed to on the Police report. She also contradicted the eye-witness story.
In response, her insurance company billed me for their clients excess. The woman did not consider the result of her actions. Her failure to drive properly already cost me more than a R1000 in petrol and 10 hours wasted visiting various repair shops and an assessment centre for quotes for her insurance.
That the guilty party made everyone wait for nearly a month before reporting to her insurance and her ability to reinterpret reality suggested that the truth was irrelevant to this situation. I am currently at the mercy of her insurance that is doing an “investigation”. In the meantime my vehicle remains damaged.
This bizarre turn of events suggests that in reality, the truth is actually a question of perspective.
Perhaps Reeve Steenkamp shot herself and pushed the gun through the hole of a locked toilet door thereby framing Oscar Pistorius. Perhaps the gangsters shooting innocent children are just marking their territory like animals in the wild. By failure to act, those in authority may recognise this necessity.
In the words of the wise, in any conflict the truth is always the first casualty, after that everything is a question of interpretation.
Cllr Yagyah Adams
Cape Muslim Congress

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