In response to the continuous media coverage around the Israeli and A rab conflict in the Middle East; I have considered the unfolding events in the light of 5000 years of Semite history. According to my understanding of monotheistic epistemology, both Jews and Arabs (Semites) have historically been “favoured” by God/Jehovah/Yahweh/Allah, the Divinity worshipped by Abraham. One of the favours bestowed on the Semites, was that Jewish, Christian and Islamic prophets shared the same bloodline. This contract was established between Abraham and God. From Ismael, Isaac (Ishaaq) and Jacob (Yaqoob) to Elijah (Ilyaas), David (Dawood) and Solomon (Sulayman) until John the Baptist (Yagyah), Jesus of Nazareth (Eesaa) and Muhammad, a continuous bloodline can be established.

In exchange for this unique privilege, Abraham committed himself and his future lineage to firmly establish the worship of one God on earth until judgement day. With or without their consent, this is the contract that the paternal forefather of the Jews and Arabs has assigned to them. Although both communities had inherited this exceptional connection with God, over time, they have consistently and deliberately failed to honour their contractual obligation. Historically, the conceit of both Jews and Arabs had reached shocking proportion as sections of both communities often rebelled and sought to kill their messengers. Joseph, Solomon, John the Baptist and Jesus are examples. As the messenger of his time, Arab tribal leaders repeatedly tried to kill Prophet Muhammad.

Besides the majestic bloodline, Semites have also benefitted materially from their relationship with God. Arabs have received prosperity thru natural resources (oil and gas). Jews have received prosperity by way of fluid and acquired knowledge (extraordinary intellect and expertise). While the Arabs dominate and influence the energy needs of the planet, the Jews dominate and influence the world’s financial and political systems. The Semites consequently command more influence internationally when compared to other communities many times their size.

Nevertheless, instead of expending this influence to establish the worship of God, the Semites continue to renege on Abraham’s original contract. Their leadership, as usual, exploit their “God given advantage” to indulge in personal opulence and ambition. At the same time, with obtuse indifference and cruelty, these fortunate and chosen descendants of Abraham, create misery for other communities less fortunate and unable to defend themselves.

Perhaps the God of Abraham, weary of rejection by those whom he “honoured” above all others, withdrew his mercy, allowing endless conflict to consume the Semites. While Jews kill Arabs and Arabs slaughter each other, I wonder, is this a consequence of inevitability? Is this obtuse futility perhaps a warning to the rest of us? Like the Semites, should we fail to recognise our purpose, God may tire and allow us to eventually destroy ourselves. Does our determination to destroy the natural environment mark the beginning of our own eventual destruction?

In conclusion, I cannot begin to fathom the anguish that Moira Levy must be enduring. To embrace her conflicting humanity, she precluded her family, her community and her culture. Does she perhaps reflect the qualities of an actual universal being, an evolved spirit, liberated from history and culture, connected to God purely by grace and mercy?

Yagyah Adams – Cape Muslim Congress

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