How did one man undermine a century old liberation movement, capture a state and subdue a nation of 55 million within a decade? Jacob Zuma could be regarded as, possibly the most malign but ironically also the greatest political mind in the history of South Africa.

Jacob Zuma successfully used the ideas of 16th century political thinker Niccolo Machiavelli who birthed the concept “the end justifies the means”. He also said “a ruler must have the ferocity of a lion to frighten those who seek to depose him” and “the cunning of a fox to recognize traps”. Machiavelli advised that a ruler should have the ability to fake Christian values while operating above morality as values etc. were established to restrict and limit ordinary folk.

Even before Zuma was president he plotted and effectively used the media against then Pres. Mbeki. Today, few want to talk about the media’s role in helping Zuma. When in power, Zuma damaged state security by undermining the Scorpions. The National Prosecution Authority (NPA) followed and so did other parts of the state. Zuma had already begun accumulating wealth via friends and family.

It is obvious that Jacob Zuma and his many corrupt allies, had limited interest in creating a safe South Africa with employ and prospect for all. What follows next, is vital. Do we allow the “Dark Prince” and his allies to escape their crimes as we allowed those from the Apartheid era to escape?

Do our leaders have the “political will” to exhibit to the world that accountability matters in South Africa and unravel the many shadowy plots? Do we capitulate and accept a destiny to be governed by corrupt, selfish, evil, deceivers who uses democracy like a condom to abuse ordinary taxpayers?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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