The death penalty is required

The death penalty is sanctioned by the Abrahamic faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam and accepted by many cultures.

Although China and Japan have Buddhist majorities and India is a Hindu nation, all practice the death penalty.

Since good and evil are universal notions, when innocence is hurt, evil is present. When sacred text is ignored a price will be paid. When the Abrahamic faiths forbid harming innocents, the divine guidance is meant to protect society in general.

Oddly, our political and judicial leaders reject divine guidance and introduced a “life sentence”. This proposes 20 or less years in prison subject to political or other connections. Criminals are then released on a society where murder stats average 20 000 annually. The killers then procreate but are unable or refuse to work and return to crime. Tax/ratepayer must then feed, house, supply medical and dental care and education etc. to the killer and the extensive family.

The thief, drug seller/addict witness the killer “getting away with murder” and also demand housing, medical, dental and education etc. The rate/taxpayer struggles to go work as criminals burn buses and trains and terrorize innocent children going to school etc. In 2020 the housing demand in City of Cape Town is above 500 000 and endless in South Africa.

When it is advised that society forcefully sterilize violent criminals and return the death penalty for killers, it is measured backward. Few critics grasp the link with sterilization and the death penalty and over-population. Genetic disposition and environ factors has a major role in child-care. If your father is a killer etc. the chance of a regular childhood is unlikely.

Example, when a child is molested, the suffering remains. Why must the victim be trapped in a nightmare but the criminal is free? The death penalty will reduce overpopulation and the expectation of criminals from a society. Any attempt to pity a violent criminal like a child molester or murderer is an exercise in futility and suggests a hidden sadistic evil abnormality.

The wisdom of the Torah, Bible and Quran is logical and practical regarding the death penalty.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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