That Sarah Palin the idiot Governor of Alaska recently endorsed Donald Trump is a credible threat to world peace and makes a mockery of checks and balances that established democracies must have.

By any standard both persons are regarded as ignorant hypocrites, bigots and a threat to almost any person that is not a white American citizen. Why both political leaders are described as conservative republicans is factually a joke. Donald Trump has been married thrice and does not have conservative family values. Sara Palins family life reads like a sordid novel with sex and abuse as primary subjects.

Sarah Palin has had a film made about her stupidity which verified her limited knowledge. She could not name the capitals of European nations and said that Russia was a neighbour to and visible from Alaska. This was her contributions to a talk on Russia and foreign policy. Even her interviewers were shocked at Palins stupidity who has said that the news makes her sad so she does not watch news.

Donald Trump openly stated that he did not understand why Muslims hate America as if Muslims are a single homogenous entity. This implies that he has limited knowledge of the American connection to the 1980’s Iran/Iraq war. Also the undue damage caused by the recent invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and the colonization of Palestine is beyond Trump’s grasp. Trump does not recognize the US connection and threat to democracy in Egypt, Libya and Yemen and nearly across the Muslim world etc. He does not know the USA role in crafting the Taliban, Islamic State, AL Qaeda or any of the other factions that have ruined the Muslim world. While he does trade with Arab royalty that govern the Muslim world without democracy or human rights, he cannot see his own or their hypocrisy. Thus, it is easy to regard all Muslims as a threat because this makes sense to a semi-illiterate mind.

While the Democratic Party nominations are no better, why is it that the world must choose the worst of two political entities that influence global politics and continue to create war and spread conflict?

Ironically it is obvious that Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic Party nomination and win the next US Presidential race. The purpose of the US campaigning is just to scare the rest of the world and make Clinton’s win seem durable since most people would accept anyone besides Donald Trump.

The nomination process also gives the illusion of a democratic practice which allowed ordinary people a say. In the end, it is the one with the most money invested and who serves the necessary “interest groups” that will win. Politics has always been about the desires of the wealthy and well connected.

It is ironic that in the “land of the free and the home of the brave” that intelligence and humanity does not matter when it comes to political office.

May God help us all and protect us from those who hold positions of power for their own pleasure and for the benefit of their associates.


Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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