In Abrahamic epistemology, a human has the ability to rise above the rank of an angel in the Creators judgement or fall below the rank of an animal.

Since Apartheid, Colonialism, slavery damaged our thinking, our leaders, out of fear, evolved a human rights culture which is not entirely based on durable rationality. Thus the high levels of violent crime and brutality in South Africa is ironically a direct result of our human rights culture.

Example, page 2 of the Argus June 21, 2018 reported the murder of a Scottish grandmother (74) at the hands of a teen girl. The teen mutilated the granny in such a horrific manner that investigators were shocked. Tabloids published accounts of how the teen had sought a life of crime and murder.

We could investigate the history of the teen and so-on for another 20 years, but the reality remains that the teen dismembered another human like a wild animal. Ironically, this teen will now, cost South African taxpayer millions in upkeep, this includes lodging, medical care, food, security etc.

Similarly, another report detailed a drug addicted couple who burnt their lodgings, killing their two babies. For years, I advocated that addicts be sterilized as they pose a risk to themselves and others. Kids cannot be trusted with addicts as logic infers that addicts are dangerous. Their selfish desire to addiction cancels logical thought and inspires animal behavior.

Thus, for as long as our justice system plays political games and do not punish those who encourage addiction and crime, our crime problem will remain unsolvable.

This opinion is enforced by the headline “Infighting cripple’s intelligence agencies” June 21, 2018.

The point is that, crime is solvable when those with authority think logically and utilize the Torah, Bible and Quran as a foundation for a genuine system of justice that benefits society as a collective.

This necessitates the return of the death penalty for murder and violent crime etc. Only when the security of society as a collective is the priority and the infinite rights of criminals are curtailed, perhaps then society will develop in a civilized manner that encumbers economic growth and so on.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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