This is indeed a sad time as we recognise the passing of one of the best examples of a human being that has walked this earth in living memory. On behalf of the Muslim community of Cape Town I wish to express our sincere condolences to the family of Nelson Mandela and all those whom he loved.

Nelson Mandela was an extraordinary human being. The sacrifice that was made by him cannot be repaid by us. However, what we can do, to honour him is by replicating his example. This implies that we must utilize the resources wisely that have become our responsibility. I think Nelson Mandela would have been pleased with the City of Cape Town clean audit report.

Nelson Mandela was wounded by the plight of the poor and he often spoke about their suffering. Nelson Mandela wanted to house and feed all South Africans if not every poor person in the world. If we seek to honour him we must commit ourselves more deeply to the cause of those who are hungry and those who are destitute. If we fail the poor then we fail Nelson Mandela. This means that we must ensure that all those who need clean water and proper sanitation must have access to this service.

Nelson Mandela was also an educated and wise man and if we want to honour that aspect of his personality we must ensure that our young people continue to have access to well-resourced libraries an facilities so that they can improve their opportunities in this material world.

Nelson Mandela was brutalised and imprisoned for decades because of his love for freedom and tolerance. If we want to honour this aspect of this great man we must ensure that those vulnerable women and children who are being killed by gangsters on the Cape Flats must stop. We must ensure that children can go to school without fear of being harmed. We must ensure that our children are free to play in the parks built by the City of Cape Town Council without fear of being hurt. Let us help each other in defence of those who need our help.

Nelson Mandela honoured God by honouring religious leaders. May the angels herald his arrival into the heavens? May he spend his days in the company of other revolutionaries like Malcom X, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi, and Che Guevara and so on?

May God Almighty, the God worshipped by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob be pleased with your efforts Nelson Mandela?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Community

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