At 6:30am 25th July while watching CNN, a message sprawled across the screen stated that the Russians are supplying weapons to the Taliban. This came a day after a bomb killed 35 and injured many in Kabul.

The ironically decades ago the USA supplied the Taliban with weapons to fight the Soviet Union. It was the Taliban who militarily shattered the Soviet Union collapsing communism globally. Armed by Israel, the USA and others, the Taliban with infinite resolve assured that the Soviet Army would leave Afghanistan broken after a decade of war. Sadly, Afghanistan’s success was irrelevant as the fall of Communism was the agenda. The Taliban was merely a tool for west imperialism.

The Russians are now returning the decade old favor by simply bogging the USA and its allies deeper into a war which the USA cannot win. After 16 years of war the irony is that the USA and its allies have learnt nothing from history. If the USA did understand history, they should have consulted the British who in 1842 left Kabul in utter disgrace.

In the words of the wise, the world must learn and leave the Pashtun people to their destiny, whatever that may be.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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