In a recent media reports the Interior Minister of Italy denounced the homage that arose in Oppido Mamertina, a Calabrian town and mafia stronghold. A parade held in the town included the clergy; the Mayor and high profile families carrying a statue of the Madonna. The walk took a detour to honour a local Mafia don. This event arose after Pope Francis excommunicated members of the Mafia. The incident validates the deep connections criminals have with state structures and the church in Italy.

Criminality around the Courts of Cape Town is a warning that should be crushed instantly. Criminals that appeared in court, now have followers that escort them. The fans include preachers; they display placards, stating the innocents of the criminal.

It is a sad truth that we live in a sick society. That children and innocent people are killed by savages regularly near schools and play grounds is an outrage. That murder can occur near a Magistrates Court confirms the deep contempt that criminals have for law and order.

We cannot have a situation comparable to Italy where the political and religious leaders of a town and perhaps a nation are scared of criminals. Those who have no respected for the sanctity of the law Courts and the purity of public spaces must be removed permanently from society.

Our society should not spend limited tax monies on the rehabilitation or well-being of criminals. We do not want insight into their criminality, we want them gone. We need tax and ratepayers money to build houses and schools and parks etc.

In the words of the wise, those in governance, better listen. If crime is not managed, soon, peaceful people will resort to required action to protect themselves and their families.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress



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