On behalf of the Cape Muslim Congress and its supporters I wish to extend best wishes to all our Christian associates and colleagues over the Christmas period.

I want to thank my fellow Councillors, the Mayor, her executive team and the many officials at the City of Cape Town for their mutual respect and assistance.

Christmas is an important time to spend with family and loved ones and we pray that God Almighty will make this Christmas and festive season fortunate and without incident for the citizens of our beloved City of Cape Town and our nation of South Africa.

We also pray that those who enjoy our beaches and other facilities will do so responsibly so that we can all use the roads and facilities free of fear of accidents and bad conduct.

May God Almighty make 2017 a blessed year with employ, opportunity and good fortune for all. May the sacrifices made by Jesus of Nazareth benefit all of us and bring us nearer to God as a nation.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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