Monday 7th of December, the socialist project initiated by Hugo Chavez in Venezuela came to an abrupt end as the opposition won the elections. The cause of this failed socialist experiment was plotted in Washington and played itself out on the oil fields of Syria and Iraq. The assassins of the Venezuelan economy were Islamic State, who seemed to have no relations to politics in Venezuela.

A goal of this specific Mid East War was the oil fields of Syria and Iraq that are occupied by Islamic State. Since Russian satellites confirmed that the oil is trucked via Turkey, the world must know which western nations sustain the Islamic State by buying the oil. While it is easy to consider Islamic State as terrorists, levels of oil production is an old frontier of war as production costs exceed market price.

Over production remains one subplot of this war which, in time will cause Russia and Iran to buckle under the oil glut. Ironically the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam of Iraq which initiated the two Gulf Wars was because of Kuwaiti over production of oil which caused fiscal hardship in Iraq.

Secondly the killing of innocent people and propaganda must be exposed. Those that lead the campaigns like the USA, Britian and France etc and their counterparts like the Taliban, AL Qaeda and Islamic State etc together kill 100 times more regular people than enemy combatants.

Thus Muslims have successfully been linked to terrorism fuelled by a global agenda that has long been in the making. After the collapse of the communist bogeyman, the west needed a new diversion or else regular people could grasp what their regimes were actually doing.  Creating a global Islamic bogeyman is basic politics 101. Hatred for Muslims was required as we all need someone to blame for what goes wrong in life. In the European war (WW2) everyone blamed the Jews.

The Republican front runner Donald Trump has embraced this bigotry and stupidity by calling for a ban on all Muslims entering the USA. Le Pen the French right-winger has also won regional elections.

Islamic State is fulfilling the mission that its imperial masters had planned.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

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