While Arabs continue to slaughter each other in significant numbers in Syria, the Russians the Americans and the Israeli’s enable the conflict. That Hezbollah has relocated thousands of fighters from Lebanon to Syria has allowed its original nemesis, Israel, time to prepare for future conflict.

For half a century the Russians and Americans initiated and maintained the notion of a Cold War, in this conceptual war millions died. In my opinion this ideological hostility that has since whimpered off the global stage was in retrospect, a war of attrition against people of colour. The war in Syria is a classic repeat of an old movie which played itself out in Angola, Mozambique and Vietnam and across Latin America. In Africa the divisions were based on tribes fighting over an ideology few could explain. In Syria it is based on similar illogical issues of tribe and religious history.

Those involved in this conflict, purchase armaments from the Russians and the Americans with payment due in natural resources at a later stage or cash. Oddly, those engaged in the current Syrian conflict are unable to see the irony where the Americans and Russians always assume opposing positions while they continue to supply weapons to both sides. What is evident is that Syrians have learnt little from the 1980’s war between Iran and Iraq including the civil war that continues to consume Iraq. When Africans or Arabs or Asians or Latino’s kill each other in large numbers, the West and the Russians are motivated by profiting from the conflict. Few nations care since African and Arab civilizations are regarded as culturally, intellectually and technologically inferior to the West. That Arabs and Africans leaders continue to murder their people in large quantities does not help.

One day when Arabs and Africans embrace democratic values and accept the outcomes of free and fair elections then, perhaps our future generations will be save from the Americans and Russians who sell dictators arms while simultaneously pretending to care about human rights and brokering peace.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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