Minister of Education requires an education

This year has been an extremely difficult year for learners, especially for matric learners.

Forcing the entire matric community to rewrite two difficult exams is wrong. The Minister and government with all its resources must identify and ensure that those guilty of having access to the exam, must rewrite. To punish the matric learners of 2020 displays a gross insensitivity to learners.

Everyone knows that with certainty that nothing will happen to those who leaked the exam papers. Our criminal justice system is broken and access to genuine justice is unlikely. Those guilty of leaking and selling the paper will not be held liable since our government is not serious about fighting crime.

Over 20 000 murders per year and how many of the murderers are actually caught? Taxpayers pay billions in road accident costs annually yet the drunken driving on our roads continue because there are no real penalties. Drug dealers will never stop because they suffer no consequences.

So, why force all the matric learners to rewrite when those guilty of fraud will escape liability? Why punish everyone for the crimes of a few? Where is the logic?

Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes but there are times in life when we must say enough of this blatant stupidity of our political leaders. How do we expect God Almighty to help us when we have people in charge that are so stupid that we must wonder how they have managed to stay alive so long?

All South Africans are tired of the endless corruption and exhausted by this endless depth of stupidity. We deserve better leaders; we deserve better service delivery.

May God protect us from these ignorant leaders.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

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