Recently US President Donald Trump visited the Middle-East. After Trump left, some Arab royals moved against one of their own, the Emir of Qatar. While Trump was in the region he made anti-Iranian noises, shook some hands and sold a few Billion Rand worth of antiquated weapons to the Arab elite. The weapons cannot offend Israel as it is sufficient to kill Muslims but cannot threaten Israeli military ability. Soon after Trump left, Qatar elites yielded and spent billions on US weapons.

What was quietly and quickly achieved is a weapons race in the Middle East as Iran, Syria and Iraq will now buy weapons from Russia, China etc. Thus the wealth of ordinary Arabs and Persians ends up in the pockets of the Russian and American etc. arms dealers. Similarly, the wealth of the South East Asian people of Vietnam, Korea and so on was wasted on civil wars.

The newest Arab elite also learnt nothing from conflicts that ruin Africa where our elite on behalf of the weapons dealers waste trillions of Dollars when innocence continues to starve and are killed.

Trump knows, to survive the “Russian connection” conspiracy, he must submit to the “Deep State” where an evil elite rule. This wicked elite also held Bill Clinton to ransom with the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Many other global leaders have suffered similarly. The evil elite who regularly spread mayhem does so, purely to profiteer. The suffering of regular people is irrelevant to their agenda.

What ordinary Jews, Christians and Muslims and others must learn is that we cannot negotiate with evil since evil venerates itself and must be removed like a cancer before it kills its host.

Already Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Yemen has been destroyed, other nations will follow. Routinely people in Europe and Britain are killed in the name of religion. What is required is a genuine search for truth and mutual respect. We must guard against frauds who seek to take the rest of us into fabricated battles against each other.

Across the world those who enslave ordinary people thru drugs, alcohol, human trafficking and weapons dealing become wealthier and enjoy the best standard of living while regular families are ruined. Ironically we do not the names of these evil people. Since evil is the natural enemy of good, perhaps it is time the media identify who the evil people are that remain obscure behind the scenes?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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